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Peoria Chiropractic Patients, Discover Pro-Active Chiropractic

Serving the Peoria Chiropractic health community, Pro-Active Chiropractic offers a complete array of advanced wellness treatments.  Dr. Randall Laraaen and Dr. Thomas Armbrust have helped many pain sufferers with all manner of chronic conditions and acute injuries. Individuals throughout Peoria can find effective, dynamic and totally natural pain relief through chiropractic adjustments and manipulations and unique therapies that include Microcurrent Therapy, Ultrasound, Cold Therapy, Muscle Stimulation, and Cryotherapy, Massage and Acupuncture.

Pro-Active Chiropractic successfully treats Peoria Chiropractic patients who are struggling from the chronic discomforts of Back Pain, Neck Pain, Muscle Pain and Joint Pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Sciatica, Sprains, Strains, Plantar Fasciitis, Auto Injury, TMJ, and many others.  Patients can also finally find lasting relief for inflammatory conditions.   We are also now offering Custom Foot Orthodics, Massage and Acupuncture.

If you are seeking exceptional chiropractic care near Peoria Chriopractors Dr. Laraaen and Dr. Armbrust invite you to  , Pro-Active Chiropractic where you’ll discover pain relief and prevention services that will help you feel better than you ever thought possible. Make your appointment today!

Pro-Active Chiropractic
Dr. Randall Laraaen & Dr. Thomas Armbrust

32nd Street Suite 80
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Phoenix Chiropractor specializing in chiropractic care. Dr. Thomas Armbrust is a well-trained Phoenix Chiropractor specializing in chiropractic care.